Wednesday, February 28, 2007


For you more advanced riders...what does it take to "breakaway"? How long and how much should one accelerate to maintain a lasting breakaway? Helpful hints anyone?


Anonymous said...

All I really know is how not to breakaway.

1. Don't do it into a headwind.
2. Don't do it when the pace is already really fast.

I think if you are sure you can ride faster than the group is riding for an extended period of time, might as well try. Get a good jump and go for it, but don't waste all your energy on the jump, or you won't maintain it.

If the group catches you, you probably just lost the race by spending your final sprint early.

That's just my experience.

A group breakaway may be a completely different story.

c_c_rider said...

Well put Jason. You have to jump hard to get a good gap and to make it difficult for anyone considering going after you, but not so hard that you blow up. The initial effort can be anywhere from 45 seconds to 2 min depending on the situation. Then you take a peek back and see if anyone latched on. If someone is there start working together, but if they are just wheelsucking then you have to try to drop them or sit up and let the pack catch you and try again later. If you get away alone you have to recover a bit and settle into a hard time trial mode.

That's what interval training is all about, improving your recovery. On group rides you can practice breakaways by taking turns. One guy goes off the front while the group gives them 20-30sec and then they start to chase. Once caught the next guy goes.

LT said...

I found this article about this exact topic over on Pez Cycling.

sydney_b said...

That was a good article, LT. Being a more aggressive and tactically effective rider is one of my goals this season. Any other articles you'd recommend?

Adrian_O said...

Good read LT.