Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kilw da Shellfish

What better way to Celebrate J.C.'s birthday than to eat at Red Lobster?

No, not that J.C.. Jan-A and C-rad's.

What better day than Friday the 13th?

When? Oh, how about 6:30pm? Should I make reservations or should I have reservations about this?


Anonymous said...

Would love to, but Red Lobster is not part of my budget.


gravy said...

What if you budgeted it as a dissertation accomplishing celebratory dinner?

BTW- congrats on that.

Adrian_O said...

Janna - remind me to give you the new levers i got for you. I owe you from t he cold costume ride.

LT said...

I'm forced to just send my birthday wishes as I'll be up in MN riding for the Big Red Train that is Husker Cycling.

Happy Birthday to everybody!

podunk said...

I could have actually made this one. It would have been a delight to make for unforgettable birthdays. I hope the thought counts for something.

c_c_rider said...

hey gravy, sorry i couldn't make it out there (yeah, i'm lame i know), but thanks for trying to arrange something. did janna OD on lobster and break your bank? i hope so. happy b-day janna!

K Olivera said...

happy birthday!