Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wanna XC Race in Iowa?

Anybody up for a road trip to Waverly, IA? I got an invitation from Jeff Kervove and I would love to try my legs on some different soil.

It's a day after the Swanson race, so it would be easy to jump in the car and make it a Saturday Nite in Des Moine. I have never been there.
Plus if you are new to the MTB racing it is good to go somewhere where they don't know you:)
I am talking with experience...

I am getting in my race mood as you can tell:))
I hope, I will feel the same about it tomorrow, when it comes to my sprint training in the rain...

This weekend, I have the choices between THREE RACES: Pedal in the Pasture on Saturday, Lake Manawa Weekend,
and a Heartland Race Series Race,
at Crowder State Park on April 15th.


sydney_b said...

I might sure be up for that. Hve to check the roadie calendar first tho.

VeloCC said...