Friday, May 25, 2007

2002 Trek 5200 Road Bike for sale

Hope this is OK to post?

2002 TREK 5200 OC VL carbon

Bike has less than 1000 miles.

It was recently tuned up at a local bike shop.

New tires.

Perfect condition.

Asking price: $900.

This is my uncles' bicycle and he doesn't do much road riding anymore...wants to get more into mountain biking. So, if you're interested, have questions and/or want to view the bike, call him (Dave K.) @ 202-3380.



Anonymous said...

What size?

nicol said...

Hey Jason! How's it going? :)

Um, he's 6'1 and it fits him comfortably. He wasn't positive on the size, but it's either a 58 or a 60.

Byekin said...

My newphew is interested. We'll go take a look at it if he hasn't sold it yet.

nicol said...

Hi Mark. Just call my uncle (Dave) at 202-3380. I don't know if it's sold yet or not. Thx. :)

gravy said...

I got $9.

If the 0's equal nothing... then let's make a deal.

Please tell me your uncle is seven years old and doesn't understand advanced arithmetic.