Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Intervals - Race Week Edition

Once again Thursday is upon us, and once again there will be intervals out at Pioneers Park at 5:30 (meet at the Buffalo Statue). As this is a race week, we will do fewer intervals (probably just 2 this week), but with the same intensity to get all you bike racin' fools ready for the upcoming Monumental Memorial Cycling Weekend races. Then we will do an extra long cool down. Questions, comments?


nicol said...

No questions from me, Lt. I don't wanna get mocked mercilessly! :) :) I heard it was a great workout last week.

Adrian_O said...

I'm there!

LT said...

Thanks everyone for coming, we had a great time. We even had a cameo appearance by the one, the only, Jace. And despite top billing, Adrian wasn't able to make it due to contract issues. Nicol gets my vote for Interval MVP due to her good sharing skills. And Janna showed us more *ahem* grown-up humor. Two of my fellow triple chain ring brethren, Emory and Jim both rode strong. Chet chose to introduce everyone to the GUNSHOW!