Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thursday Intervals

More fun than new DVR Software from Time Warner, it's Thursday Intervals at Pioneers with (some) Huskers. . .
When: Thursday at 5:30P
Where: The Buffalo Statue at Pioneers Park
Who: YOU!
What: A solid hour or so of training loops although what exactly will be determined on the fly. However each "interval" will also include a cool-down/catch-up time to make sure no one rides alone too long. If you haven't done any organized training this year, and would like to get some non-race hard riding, then this is for you.

Questions? Put up a comment, and I will mock you mercilessly answer them to the best of my ability.

Don't forget the Wednesday Night Ride - 5:45 (ish) at the no longer working bridges Hwy 2 and 27th.


Bob Kuhn said...

I will be coming into Lincoln the first week of June for work. I would like to join some of the rides listed above. Can you give me directions from the main UN campus?

gravy said...

By car:

From campus, head south on 16th street and take a left on South street.

Turn right on 27th street.

Stay on 27th street until you see an Arby's. Turn left into the shopping mall parking lot.

Between the Arby's and the shopping center, there's a gardening center set up. Park near there. Bikes will be on the bike path that is behind that gardening center.

By bike:

Go east on R street to 19th street.

Cross O street and turn left along sidewalk going past the rent-a-center.

Turn right after AwardsUnlimited, the store that's part of the same building as rent-a-center.

Follow the trail's dotted line. When you get to 27th and Normal, cross twice to get across diagonally towards the fountain. Follow the path towards the zoo, where the lemurs and hollering.

Follow that trail a couple miles south until you get to a Y intersection on the bike path. There should be a gaggle of bikers gathered around a bench (and a trash can.)

gravy said...

My directions were to the Wednesday rides at 27th and Highway 2, not to Pioneers Park, BTW.