Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Anyone wanna plan a trip?

A friend of mine has a Carnegie Library that she's restoring into a Bed & Breakfest place in beautiful Burwell Nebraska. She said I could borrow it sometime. Why drive all the way out to beautiful Burwell Nebraska? Lake Calamus. Fifty mile ride around the lake. We could do one lap, sit and eat smores, and then another lap. I just need to determine a good date to plan for. How about the second weekend of July? Friday the 13th-Saturday the 14th? Stay over Friday or drive up early Saturday?


Adrian_O said...

Sounds like a good trip. Will check on dates.

gravy said...

Dates are flexible. I was just throwing out a weekend to test the waters and book something in advance.

gravy said...

Checking maps, Burwell is 193 miles from Lincoln.

Also, the trip around the lake is closer to 20-22 miles so we could do different distance rides.

AND, the road around Lake Calamus is called the Dam Road. How fitting.