Thursday, June 28, 2007

Excellent bike destination

This Sunday, the Lincoln Municipal Band will present the first concert of its 100th Anniversary Season. The season is made up concerts on eight consecutive Sundays, ending on August 19. The bandshell in Antelope Park is an excellent bicycle destination, and the concerts are excellent events for the entire family. 7:00-8:00 p.m. If you've never heard the Lincoln Municipal Band, I guarantee it is a better band than you expect.

Want more incentive to attend? I will be playing euphonium for the first three concerts and bass trombone for the final three.

What's a euphonium? What's a bass trombone? Come to the concerts and find out.

The best part: The concerts are absolutely free.


Bob K said...

Excellent idea. Thanks for the publicity, Jason.

nicol said...

I want to go to this. Thanks.

Adrian_O said...

Lets make a Lincoln Roadies night out of it.

da terminator said...

Dude, can I get back stage passes?!!

Anonymous said...

And I should add: Bob K (see first comment) will be conducting! Some of you might have met him on some of the group rides.

Everyone gets backstage passes!

gravy said...

Please do not make a pass at my backstage.