Thursday, June 28, 2007

Field trip

Anyone interested in Lake Calamus in July? 194 miles Northwest of here.

The weekend of July 6th or July 20th?

Sorry KimC, July 13th weekend is taken.


nicol said...

Do you know when Burwell has their rodeo?

gravy said...

Burwell's Big Rodeo

July 26-27-28, 2007

gravy said...

More deets:

There's a library that has been renovated into a bed&breakfest. There's two bedrooms, I think. Plenty of floor space on the upper level. Plenty of yard for tents if necessary. 7 miles from a camp ground. The library includes a kitchen and shower, two bathrooms and maybe air conditioning, I can't remember. Maybe no a/c.. Sorry, no pets. Not kid-proof around the stairs so those under a certain age beware.

Within a block is a couple bars, a grocery store, a diner, a hardware store, a veteran's lodge and a tank... a military tank... a sherman, I think.

It's about a three and some hour drive there.

This is still in the planning phase, final ok's have to be ok'd by the owner.

Oh, and no charge to stay at the library. (You may have to help me clean up the place a little though.)

nicol said...

I heard wind surfing is popular on Lake Calumus too.

Thx. for the details, Gravy.

Adrian_O said...

Sounds like fun.

da terminator said...

July 20th please.