Thursday, June 7, 2007

Margarita Ride Returns

Time to reschedule this grand event. We have the following dates to choose from:
1. Monday June 18th (BRAN people will miss it)
2. Friday June 22nd (TDN people will miss it)
3. Friday June 29th

Please select the date that works best for you and post it.
*** This is a slow paced ride. the more the merrier! NO RACER RIDE! This is a pleasure ride on the Mopac Trail.


monkeygirl said...

ok I was a total buy in on the 8th, but the 29th works for me.

gravy said...
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gravy said...

So, Monday would we be road riding to Eagle or should I bring fat tires to Blues?

Adrian_O said...

I am for June 29th.

K Olivera said...

June 29 might work for me.

Adrian_O said...

FRIDAY JUNE 29th it is then.