Monday, July 30, 2007

RAGBRAI survivor

Well, another RAGBRAI has come and gone. Andrea and I had a great time. The route lived up to its billing as the third easiest ever, and I survived quite well on the fixie. I even bumped the gearing up to a 42x14 after the first day. It served me well until we hit the eastern Iowa hills on Saturday, and then made some monster climbs a little tougher than maybe they needed to be.

Lance Armstrong, however, did not finish the ride. And, despite his intent to be "like one of the other 10,000 riders," he was unable to abandon his press agent for the week, and seemed to have a little trouble dropping his 100-rider "Livestrong Posse."

Oh, well. Pictures later (but not of Lance).


da terminator said...

Nice job you guys! Jason are you playing at Antelope pavillion this sunday?

c_c_rider said...

yeah, lance sucks.

welcome back you two. looking forward to hearing some stories and seeing some pics.

gravy said...

Come on, Lance had a cameo to make on tv for the Discovery team.

Did you hear the results?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Lincoln Municipal Band will be playing again this Sunday at 7:00. Bob K will again be conducting and I will be rejoining the trombone section.