Sunday, August 26, 2007

Monday Night Ride

Unless the weather sucks in the morning, I will be riding to Lincoln in the a.m. and hanging out for the UNL ride in the evening. Hope to see you there. And keep in mind, I will have already done 40+ miles by the time you see me.



da terminator said...

"40+ miles already".... Jason, you're starting to sound soft!

Anonymous said...

Now I'll really sound soft...
I just decided not to ride to Lincoln this morning. I won't even bother you with my lame-ass excuse. But my Monday nights are booked until at least three weeks from now. Perhaps I'll make it then?

Find out, in three weeks.


da terminator said...

Oh the suspense! How about in three weeks or so, we do a ride from Louisville instead. Then you'll have no excuses!

Indiana Guy said...

Come ON Jason thats week to be complaining about already doing 40 miles. YOu sound like an amature. Just playin. Hope everyone is doing well out in the Midwest. The east coast has some awesome hills and so decent rides. I know some of you were talking about the triple bypass in CO next summer and I am trying to get my clinical rotation out that way so I might be able to join you all. Hope everyone is doing well and Happy Riding.

That Indiana Guy.