Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taco Ride/Take 2/ September 27

The leaves will be turning and falling from the trees on the Wabash trail just about the time we do the Taco Ride on Sept. 27th. At least, I hope this will be the case, as I imagine it will look stunning. And, sound crunchy.

Please keep this date in mind to traverse to Council Bluffs, IA (approx. 1 hr-1 hr 20 min. drive).

Details soon.


LoupGarou said...

You can count me in on this one. I will plan on taking the whole day off work and come up early and ride some of the mtb trails before the taco run if anyone is interested in joining. :) Basically a whole day of fun riding.

nicol said...

We were actually thinking about going a little earlier too, around 3pm, or so. I predict that will be too early for many, so we could meet somewhere along the trail at some point, perhaps. Or, meet at the restaurant in Mineola.

KimC said...

What area are you planning on riding prior to the taco ride and what time are you leaving Lincoln?

LoupGarou said...

I was thinking of leaving in the morning and get into omaha say 10, do a lap at monument, then a lap at swanson, then over to manawa and meet over at the trail head whenever we decide to meet. Then again, my plans are all flexible.