Sunday, July 27, 2008

bacon, donuts, and more

almost home...

while on the bridge we watched an airboat attempt to pull some idiot's hopelessly stuck atv out of the mud.

after breakfast, we rode a few miles with nate and the crew.

breakfast with a view.

while some prefer donuts.

lindsey and janna love bacon...

janna starts her first plate.

tailwind on our way north.

gravy makes a pitstop in eagle.

as we all left janna's dinner party last night (btw, thanks janna for inviting everyone over, i had a great time!) lindsey convinced janna and gravy to go on a bacon ride in the morning. we met up at 7am at woods park and hit the road.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trek 4300 Stolen

Folks- a buddy of mine had his bike stolen last weekend from the company's (12th & L St) bike rack. If you, by chance, see it please let us know by posting.
Bike Description: TREK 4300 Blue, Silver and Red / One of the pedals does not have a reflector/ no kickstand. Here is a stock pic of it.
The description is very vague and the bike is somewhat common. But you never know. Worth a shot.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Team Nebraska Triathlon hosted a duathlon at Pioneers Park this morning. While duathlons and triathlons are generally individual sports, a record number of team competitors showed up today. In the women's team division KimC took the gold, while fellow Lincoln Roadies, RonN and JoeM placed very well in their respective categories. KevinB toughed it out as an individual competitor, but the real story was the unusually large showing of teamFIRE members, including the infamous toodler KevinW. KevinW, who prefers to be called the Infamous One, represented teamFIRE well with a first place podium finish in the CoEd team division. When asked about his spectacular performance, the Infamous One simply said, "I've moved to the dark side and I like it. No more toodling for me." His fellow teamFIRE members Nicol, Katie, Mark and Janna, all of which placed in the top three in their divisions, agreed that it is scary how quickly KevinW is adapting to the dark side. Janna remarked how the Infamous One showed no remorse when using his frame pump to gain an advantage during the race. Though she thought it was an unnecessary advantage, as his superior riding skills were more than enough to win. When asked why he chose to participate in the team competition rather than the individual category, the Infamous One responded that he needed a partner to slow him down or the race would have been too easy. None of the other competitors complained that the hilly 4 mile run and 13 mile bike ride were easy. KevinW on the other hand, plans to use this so called easy race as the starting point for his ruthless entrance into the dark side of racing. Before departing to eat up some more road miles, he warned all toodlers to beware, the Infamous One is on the prowl and is looking to turn others to the dark side.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th Of july Route

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July Breakfast Ride

Meet at 6:15am at The Mill (8th & P ) downtown and leave at 6:30am sharp. Ride-eat-ride and home by noon. It is approximately 64 miles round trip. All are welcome!

We will take the following route:
- 8th street to Haymarket park bridge
- go around Saltdogs stadium to Oak Lake trail
- Oak lake trail to 1st and West Dawes Ave.
- West Dawes Ave to Cornhusker to NW 12th St.
- NW 12th Street to Kawasaki
- Hwy 34 west to Seward