Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fixie faas

yep, the faas man made an appearance tonight on his fixie with a 47x17. once we turned around he could kept it pegged at 25mph the whole way. not bad there jason. and newcomer kaelly had fun too, though she hasn't been on her new bike long she is no slouch. i think she even enjoyed that killer headwind on the way south. she's a future triathlete star that's for sure. and ofcourse we all rendezvoused for margaritas at the usual place afterwards.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Where's the story on the crash!? See you make us worry and don't even tell us what happened!

nicol said...

Sorry, HWB. A lot of the people who read this were with me that night, so that's why I didn't put anything up about it.

I am fine. Just a little drain brammaged and a bruise on my side.


gravy said...

dain bramaged... say it right!