Friday, September 26, 2008

taco ride

kevin, janna, katie, lindsey, and i went up for the taco ride last night. we had a pretty good time avoiding the drunks. right as i was taking the top photo of the girls, this one guy (probably drunk) wiped out on the gravel as he turned into mineola (you can see his bike lying on the ground in the right side of pic). as he got up and dusted himself off he kept saying "what can i say? i saw the ladies and was trying to show them a move." we avoided the drunkfest in mineola and went on to silver city for some great burgers at the only bar in town. the ride back in the dark beneath a gorgeous star-filled sky was quite nice. as we neared mineola we again had to pass some of the stragglers, heading back to council bluffs to their cars with i hope a few sober designated drivers among them. kevin was almost taken out by a drunken lass, but we all made it back ok. did she atleast give you her name kev?

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